Getting Started with Git (and the Hub)

I’m very new to Git, but I find some of its features interesting and worth a post about.  This is possibly a part 1 of more to come as I learn more about Git and how to use it effectively.  The comments below are made with having mostly used SVN in the past for source control.

Features (that appeal to me):

These features are of DVCS in general, Bisect may be git specific.

Starting out:

Make sure you have git installed before starting here.  I’m assuming git is installed, and you are a little familiar with the commands.  Here are some links to some excellent resources to get you started if you’re not at that point yet:

Well, now that you’re somewhat familiar with git, let’s get started on with github.  Now, the main reason for posting this is because as a new user it didn’t seem that clear what I need to do to actually push to a repository.  After you’ve been given access to, or created, a github repository, you must set your username and email for github to use.

Instructions on that can be found here:

Now, here is the part that really wasn’t clear to me.  You need to setup an ssh key to github as part of their authentication.  I don’t know if this is correct, but I think of this as a layer of encryption that happens to make sure my files get to github unaltered. (similar to PGP for email)

Instructions for this can be found here:

Now that you’re all setup, you’re ready to do some commits and then a push to the server.  Have fun in the world of git.

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  1. Written by Shannon Francis
    on January 21, 2009 at 8:59 am
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    Be careful all you git users out there, I just got this today:


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