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unitbench 0.1 released!

After writing cppbench, a C++ benchmark framework, I felt inspired to take the next step.  I wanted a benchmark library that was similar to unittest in python.  I started working on unitbench.  I ended up with a library that allows you to start a benchmark with ‘bench’ and it will be run and timed.  It […]

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Crawling the Web With Lynx

Introduction There are a few reasons you’d want to use a text based browser to crawl the web.  For example, it makes it easier to do natural language processing on web pages.  I was doing this a year or two ago, and at the time I was unable to find a Python library that would […]

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NLTK Regular Expression Parser (RegexpParser)

The Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) provides a variety of tools for dealing with natural language.  One such tool is the Regular Expression Parser.  If you’re familiar with regular expressions, it can be a useful tool in natural language processing. Background Information You must first be familiar with regular expressions to be able to fully utilize […]

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Starting Python, Elixir, and SQLite

When I did the post about Storm, someone suggested that I look into Elixir. Since I didn’t have time to at the time, I made a note of looking into it at a later time.  That time is now. :) Elixir and Storm are very similar, they’re both object relational mappers that provide an easy […]

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Spell Checking in Python

I was looking into spell checking in Python.  I found spell4py, and downloaded the zip, but couldn’t get it to build on my system.  If I tried a bit longer maybe, but in the end my solution worked out fine.  This library was overkill for my needs too. I found this article here: This […]

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