Some SQLite 3.7 Benchmarks

Since I wrote the benchmarks for insertions in my last post, SQLite 3.7 has been released. I figured it’d be interesting to see if 3.7 changed the situation at all. Prepared Statements The specific versions compared here are and 3.7.3.  I ran the prepared statements benchmark as is without changing any source code.  Both […]

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Fast Bulk Inserts into SQLite

Background Sometimes it’s necessary to get information into a database quickly. SQLite is a light weight database engine that can be easily embedded in applications. This will cover the process of optimizing bulk inserts into an SQLite database. While this article focuses on SQLite some of the techniques shown here will apply to other databases. […]

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Starting Python, Elixir, and SQLite

When I did the post about Storm, someone suggested that I look into Elixir. Since I didn’t have time to at the time, I made a note of looking into it at a later time.  That time is now. :) Elixir and Storm are very similar, they’re both object relational mappers that provide an easy […]

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The ease of Python, SQLite, and Storm

I began learning Python this spring, and I must say, the more I program in it the more I like it. I chose the language because of the libraries that are available for it. There is a library for everything. :) Also, there are tools for Natural Language Processing that are a great help, but […]

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