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Nightly Benchmarks: Tracking Results with Codespeed

Background Codespeed is a project for tracking performance. I discovered it when the PyPy project started using Codespeed to track performance. Since then development has been done to make its setup easier and provide more display options. Anyway, two posts ago I talked about running nightly benchmarks with Hudson. Then in the previous post I […]

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Passing Parameters Between Builds in Hudson

In my last post, I talked about setting up Hudson to run nightly benchmarks.  While trying to take that to the next step, and get nightly benchmarks recorded in a graph, I discovered that passing parameters between builds may not be as easy as it originally seemed.  If you’re using the Hudson Parameterized Trigger plugin, […]

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Nightly Benchmarks: Setting up Hudson

For some projects, finding out about performance regressions is important.  I’m going to write a two part series about setting up a nightly build machine and displaying the generated data.  This part is going to cover installation of Hudson, and getting the benchmarks running nightly. I decided to give Hudson a try because I had […]

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Setting up a VirtualBox LAMP Server

Introduction I recently decided to play around with web development a little bit. Not being familiar with setting up a web server, I decided to setup a VirtualBox LAMP server. Since I couldn’t find a good guide that went through all the steps of setting up a VirtualBox LAMP Server in one place, I decided […]

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Getting Started with Git (and the Hub)

I’m very new to Git, but I find some of its features interesting and worth a post about.  This is possibly a part 1 of more to come as I learn more about Git and how to use it effectively.  The comments below are made with having mostly used SVN in the past for source […]

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