JSR-166: The Java fork/join Framework

The JSR-166 are concurrent utilities that were included in Java 5.  The fork/join framework was a piece of it that didn’t make it into Java 5.  After all this time the fork/join framework is finally making it into JDK 7.  What surprised me about the framework is that it is so easy to use. The […]

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Sort Optimization (Part 2) with JDK 6 vs JDK 7

In part 1, I went over my first foray into the world of sorting algorithms.  Since then, I’ve had some other ideas on how to improve my quicksort implementation.  One idea that I had while originally working on the sorting algorithm, was to rework the partition function to take into account duplicate elements.  I had […]

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Sorting Algorithm Shootout

Since I did my Sort Optimization post, I’ve been keeping an eye on things that happen in the sorting world.  Recently an article popped up on Reddit about someone wanting to replace the JDK sorting algorithm with a Dual Pivot Quick Sort.  This lead to the discovery that Tim Sort would be replacing Merge Sort […]

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Sort Optimization

This all started one night when I was in the #JRuby channel on irc.freenode.net.  A channel user was complaining about JRuby’s sorting algorithm being slow.  I thought to myself, I should be able to speed it up.  At the time I was thinking since sorting has been so well researched it’d likely be easy to […]

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