Nightly Benchmarks: Tracking Results with Codespeed

Background Codespeed is a project for tracking performance. I discovered it when the PyPy project started using Codespeed to track performance. Since then development has been done to make its setup easier and provide more display options. Anyway, two posts ago I talked about running nightly benchmarks with Hudson. Then in the previous post I […]

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Nightly Benchmarks: Setting up Hudson

For some projects, finding out about performance regressions is important.  I’m going to write a two part series about setting up a nightly build machine and displaying the generated data.  This part is going to cover installation of Hudson, and getting the benchmarks running nightly. I decided to give Hudson a try because I had […]

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Netbeans Debugger Not Stopping at Breakpoints

I use Netbeans for doing development for JRuby.  When I say that I don’t mean I’m developing with JRuby, I mean for JRuby.  I’m writing Java code, and wanted to use the debugger for Java code.  Everytime I mentioned JRuby people would assume I was using it and developing Ruby code, that’s not the case […]

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Sort Optimization

This all started one night when I was in the #JRuby channel on  A channel user was complaining about JRuby’s sorting algorithm being slow.  I thought to myself, I should be able to speed it up.  At the time I was thinking since sorting has been so well researched it’d likely be easy to […]

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